Anna Konecny

“Hi, I’m Anna. I’m from Omaha Nebraska, where there is the best steak in the US. I studied child services in college. I love hiking, doing the yoga, reading, traveling and playing soccer. I have also been a soccer couch for kids before. I have dreamt to be a teacher since I was little because I […]

Chandler Thiel

“Hi, I’m Chandler. I am from Louisiana, where the weather is quite similar to Vietnam. I have a bachelor degree in Sociology. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a pilot because I love travelling. I also love singing and playing with the kids. That is why I decided to become an English […]

Margaret Tepper

“Hello, my name is Maggie. I’m from Chicago, the US, where you can find the most amazing deep dish pizzas. I have a bachelor degree in tourism and an English teaching certificate in Australia. I love Vietnam because of the warm climate, the bright future, the nice people and the good food. When I was little, […]

Shaun Caine

“Hi, my name is Shaun. I am from Liverpool, England, hometown of the Beatles. I love football and cycling. I love Vietnam because of the beautiful diverse landscape and the good food, too. Vietnamese people are so friendly, even if they can’t communicate with you. That’s why I love teaching English for Vietnamese people. I […]

Tara Drosdowsky

“I am from Perth, Australia, where there are the most perfect beaches. I studied Education and teaching in college. In my free time I like cooking, playing the piano and running. When I was small I dreamt to be a lawyer. Vietnam is the best choice in terms of job opportunities for English teachers. I […]

Anaelle Francois

“Hi, I’m Anaelle. I was born in France but I lived in Montreal, Canada, a green city with cultural diversity. I can speak English, French and Spanish. I like good French wine, reading books and socializing. I love teaching English because it’s a good way to spread the knowledge and help business people go forward […]

Kevin McLean

“Hi, I am Kevin. I am from Scotland, UK. I studied sport couching in college. When I was a little kid, I dreamt to become a footballer. I love kick-boxing and traveling. I have been to Asia before but this is my first time in Vietnam. Vietnamese people are nice and they all have good […]

Ian Smyth


“Hi, my name is Ian Smyth. I am from Ireland. After graduating from University of Limerick and obtaining my TEFL teaching certificate, I did some volunteer teaching and really enjoyed it. I choose to come to Vietnam and teach at Major because a number of my friends had been here and they said it was […]

Eve McLaughlin

English Teacher

“Hi! My name is Eve. I am from Ireland. I graduated from the University of Limerick with a business degree. I also have a TEFL teaching certificate because I have always been interested in teaching English in a non-English speaking country, especially for children. I like reading  and listening to music. I have been working […]

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